You’ve come to the right place to learn about tctv2. Our contact information is here, as well as information on how to use, and our hours of operation as well as our year 2004 holidays. We want to make it easy for you to get the information you need to use tctv2 to get your message out or your program on the air.

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USING tctv2

There are a number of ways to use tctv2, depending on what you want to do and how involved you want to become. One of the easiest things you can do to take advantage of the power of tctv2 is to simply submit items to the tctv2 Community Bulletin Board. This lets everyone know what your organization is up to and publicizes your events.

If your organization wants to try out television the “easy” way, you can participate in Local Matters. You provide the content, we’ll provide the tv. You work with one of us to decide what you want to present in your tv show, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your organization must be non-profit to be a part of Local Matters, and you can only do it one time. The series is designed to show you how easy it is to do television on tctv2, and how effective.

If you have a burning issue that you want to discuss, or if you want to respond to something you saw on tctv2 (or elsewhere), give SOUNDOFF a try. It’s not pretty–we park you in front of a tv camera and get out of the way–but it is fast. Get your message done while it is still hot in your mind.

Of course, we all think that the best and most effective way to use tctv2 is to actually take the classes and learn how to make your own tv shows. That way, you have all the power. You will be capturing the video and doing the editing, so your show will look exactly like you want it to look (well, maybe not exactly!). You call the shots, you make the show, you schedule the show when you want, and suddenly, you’ve made your mark on the local community.

TV is still the most powerful method of mass communication available to us–shouldn’t you be taking advantage of it?

You can get more information about any of these tctv2 features by clicking the links above, or going to the relevant area of this web site.

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tctv2 Location
Traverse Area District Library
610 Woodmere Avenue
Traverse City, MI 49686
We are on the second floor, SE Corner.
tctv2 Hours

Monday through Thursday 9 to 9Friday and Saturday 9 to 6Sunday 12 to 5

Get in touch with us…
You can call us at 932-8892.
…by FAX
Fax us at 932-8578.
…by E-MAIL
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Send good old US Postal Service mail to us at:
610 Woodmere Avenue
Traverse City, MI 49686.
Or just come in set top box and talk to us. In person. We still do that!