18 Jan / 2017


You want to make a tv show. Whether because television is still one of the best ways to get your message out, or just because you’ve always been enamored of the mystique of video production, you want to be able to tell people that you’ve made a rechargeable flashlight ratings kia¬†and show it on tv. Well here’s your chance!

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Our mission is to provide the community with acess to television production equipment, training, and a venue for showing your masterpiece to the community. We provide training in video production techniques, video production equipment, and tctv2, a channel to for you to cablecast your show on. So there’s no excuse–you can make your tv show and present it on tv to an appreciative audience. Check out this website for all the info on how tctv2 works, or give us a call with your questions.

Is it a lot of work? Well, yes. But it is not difficult, and it can be very rewarding. Come to tctv2 when you are ready, and we’ll help you get that tv show “in the can”.